PR School 2.0: How to survive and thrive in the new world of online PR - Oct 21-23 Webinar Series - Register by Oct 13

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PR School 2.0: How to survive and thrive in the new world of online PR - Oct 21-23 Webinar Series - Register by Oct 13

Karine Joly
Hello uwebd members,

Just a quick announcement about an upcoming webinar series that might
interest you and your colleagues in charge of marketing, communication
and PR at your institution (please forward this email if they don't
belong to this list):

PR School 2.0: How to survive and thrive in the new online world of
Public Relations and Communications: October 21, 22 & 23, 2008


"PR School 2.0" is a 3-webinar series that will bring you up-to-speed
on the new higher ed PR practices powered by Web 2.0 technologies. It
will show you how you can put the online monitoring of your brand on
autopilot at almost no cost, upgrade your story pitching with best
online practices and cross over to online news publishing. Designed
for seasoned PR practitioners as well as new comers, this series will
give you the tools necessary to do your job in the conversation age.

October 21, 2008 1PM-2PM ET – Rain date: October 28, 2008 1PM-2PM ET
Monitoring 360: how to make sure you hear it and see it before they do
Responsible for the Web and Social Media initiatives at Texas A&M
University College of Engineering, Matt Herzberger  will guide in the
maze of free and for-a-fee monitoring tools to help you set up an
effective system that works but doesn`t require hours and hours of
your time. By sharing best practices and good tips, he will help you
monitor your brand online without any information overload side

October 22, 2008 1PM-2PM ET – Rain date: October 29, 2008 1PM-2PM ET
Upgraded story pitching: Do`s and Don`t`s to keep your clip book fat
Andrew Careaga, director of communications at Missouri S&T, will share
creative strategies and techniques  to help you keep your stories and
your institution in the old and new media. With his list of do`s and
don`t`s, you will make the best use of the Web and other online tools
to successfully pitch reporters, editors and bloggers.

October 23, 2008 1PM-2PM ET – Rain date: October 30, 2008 1PM-2PM ET
Online news publishing 101:  how to go beyond online press releases
with a dedicated news website
Geoffrey Mock, manager of internal communications at Duke and editor
of Duke Today, will explain why and how his institution launched Duke
Today, an online news website  serving the community. He will also
share lessons learned on covering, writing and publishing news for an
online daily publication and how to drive readership to the site.

Registration is open until Oct 13 at
Fee for the 3-webinar series: $300.

Please email me at [hidden email] if you have any questions.

Karine JOLY

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