Proposal to answer a 60 questions survey on key competencies in secondary schools. University teachers are invited to respond.

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Proposal to answer a 60 questions survey on key competencies in secondary schools. University teachers are invited to respond.

Stefano Lariccia

Dear / colleagues (s)


You are invited to answer to the question of this survey: 


Within the framework of the European UP2U project, we are investigating to identify which skills are considered important (and in what degree) to facilitate a transition that is critical for many young people: the one between high school and university.


What key skills should a boy have at the end of the school (in the EU over the age of 17-19) to avoid becoming a drop-out of the tertiary cycle soon? And anyway, to present yourself with more possibilities in the labour market?

Developed on the basis of an analysis of the most important studies and research on this topic at the international level, and in the context of the most important problems of the current phase (cultural transition to the network society, hybridization between formal and informal in didactic activities, etc.) , the simple questionnaire will provide us with useful guidance for thinking about the strategy of transforming education in general, and on the relationship between key skills for the secondary cycle and for the tertiary cycle in particular.

Please be willing to spend some energy to offer us your contribution. Your opinion will be utilized to compose a European Framework to better guide our efforts to develop innovative technologies to improve the situation of technology related skills in secondary education.

The time you’ll need to answer all the questions is less than 15 minutes.

We thank you in advance.

Stefano Lariccia



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