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David Mulder-3
I think it's an interesting piece with some flawed methodology.

They've taken the Web sites of the "Top 20" business schools and ranked them on five criteria to produce an ordered list of who has the best Web site.

Why stop at analyzing the Top 20 business schools? I'm sure there are more than a handful of business schools that have strong Web sites, and their non-inclusion is questionable. It's wrong to assume that the industry leaders are the only ones who do things "the right way".

Who came up with the evaluation criteria? The introduction premises that the rankings are objective because they look at five criteria: application deadlines, a list of application materials, the admission director's name and contact info, financial aid info, and a description of the curriculum. Did the article's author(s) come up with this list based on his or her own assumptions? Did he or she talk to prospective students to find out what they're looking for? There's probably considerable bias in assumptions.

Additionally, how is each criterion weighted? The introduction states that each item was timed for completion. Are we to assume that each criterion was considered equally, even though some may be much more important than others? Did the author(s) care about how well information was presented as opposed to it just being present?

I don't think it's something to take very seriously, even though the author(s) attempt to make it serious by pretending to be objective.

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