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Bill Dennen
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I added this to wp-config.php and it  
seems to do the right thing:

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);
define('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true);

Also, Sven said:

> I do want to note again, however, (I've posted this here before)  
> that we grew disenchanted with WPMU for a number of reasons and are  
> planning to move away from it.

In Sven's previous note, he said:

> We had to modify WPMU in various small ways (to disable
> open signups and blog creation, to require LDAP authentication, to  
> enforce SSL encryption, etc.) and
> all this tweaking is disconcerting, because it means that each time  
> we upgrade WPMU or any of its
> component parts we need to re-do the changes we made, and first of  
> course we have to understand both
> the old and new code well enough to make sure the changes are still  
> correct. It's not always easy to
> keep up with WPMU changes either, and new versions don't seem to  
> come out in the concrete, official
> way that they do with WordPress itself or other platforms.

I've found that the latest version of WPMU takes care of many of these  

- there is now an option to disable open signups and blogs
- there is a plugin to do LDAP authentication
- SSL encryption -- (the above code works)

Tracking new versions of WPMU is still difficult, though.


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